FAQ for UCSC Battle of the Colleges

FAQ for UCSC Battle of the Colleges

What is the Battle of the Colleges?

A:  Established in the Fall of 2016, the Battle of the Colleges was developed as an idea to increase student attendance and to build excitement around UCSC NCAA athletic events. By tracking attendance and school spirit, students earn points for their respective colleges. 

How does it work?

At designated Battle of the Colleges events, student attendance is taken and broken down into which of the ten residential colleges the student is affiliated with. Points are then assigned at each event (10 points for the most, 9 for the second-most etc) and the end of the school, year, the college with the most points is deemed the winner.

The winning college gets the BOC trophy and a prize package to celebrate.

What are this year's events?

October 6-  Women's Soccer vs. Cal State Dominguez Hills (Lower East Field)   RESULTS

October 25- Women's Volleyball vs. Academy of Art (West Field House)

October 30- Men's Soccer vs. Dominican/ Halloween dress up party (Lower East Field)

November 15- Men's Basketball vs. Puget Sound (West Field House)


January 19- Men's basketball vs. Bethesda/FACULTY STAFF APPRECIATION DAY  (Kaiser Permanente Arena)

February 13- Women's Basketball vs. Simpson (Kaiser Permanente Arena)

March 1-  Men's Volleyball vs. Simpson /SENIOR DAY (West Field House)





2016-17 Rachel Carson College
2017-18 Rachel Carson College  
2018-19 Adlai Stevenson College


2017 Promotional BOC Video for Women's basketball