Faculty and Staff Appreciation Night

These awards are given to UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Staff who have changed the lives of our student-athletes.  We want to thank every one of our past recipients for their dedication!


Victor Gomez. Lead Supervisor UCSC Athletics and Recreation (Patrick Ramos)
Primrose Pisares.  Head Athletic Trainer (Rashard Thornhill)
Caitlin Binder. Lecturer, Physical & Biological Sciences Division (Haakon Ullrich)
Rebecca Dubois.Assistant Professor, Biomolecular Engineering (Sam Nangle)
Fiorella Lema. TA Film and Digital Media (Will Whitty)
Bruce Thompson. Lecturer History Department (Avri Finch)
David Pang. Rachel Carson Dining Hall (Garrett Kelly)
Max Landesz. RA at Cowell College (Treyson Keating)
Ed Gregor. Professor in the Graphic Arts department  (Eric Siegel)
Alan Christy. Associate Professor History Department, Co-Director, Center for the Study of Pacific War Memories (Simon Mueller-Landsvik)
Gabi Arredondo. Chair and Associate Professor. Latin American & Latino Studies Department (Calvin Keyes)
Shawn Haghani. Dining Hall (Tyler Otterlei)
Paul Vroomen. Technology & Information Management (Matthew McDonald)
Brady Och. Athletic Trainer (JM Johnson)
James Minton. Professor in the Music department (Tyler Kessinger)
Embele Awipi. UCSC Sports Information Director (Ryan Silva)


Christy Carson, Executive Assistant to Director of Athletics (Ryan Silva)

Katy Sanfilippo, Athletic Trainer (Will Crain)

Rizal Aliga, KZSC Santa Cruz Radio (Eric Siegel)

Kathryn McQueen, Professor (Simon Mueller-Landsvik)

Embele Awipi, Sports Information Director (Matthew McDonald)

James Shanks, Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology (Tyler Klingenbeck)

Julie Hannah Brower,Undergraduate Program Coordinator Literature Department (Russell Taylor)

Aaron Meininger, Lecturer Economics Department (Jack Fitchie)

Professor Penny Carroll, Professor Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology (Haakon Ullrich)

Brij Lunine, Lecturer in Writing Stevenson and Cowell Colleges (Chandler Daugherty)

Rebecca DuBois, Professor Biomolecular Engineering (Sam Gabbard)

Gabriela Arrendondo, Chair LALS Department; Chair Merrill Faculty Fellows (Calvin Keyes)

Madeline Lane-McKinley, Writing Program Lecturer (Will Whitty)

Dan Wirls, Professor Politics Department (Ben Dorfman)



Xavier Prochaska, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics/Faculty Athletic Representative (Sam Gabbard)

Joshua Louie, Administrative Specialist - Student Achievement & Equity Innovation (Russell Taylor)

Clint Angus, Intramural Sports Coordinator (Matthew Nerland)

Aaron Meininger, Professor of Economics (Adam Marlow)

Dino Pollock, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Eligibility (Corey Cilia)

Ingrid Parker, Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Kyle Creighton)

Marlene Tromp, UCSC CP/Executive Vice Chancellor (Patrick Ramos)

Pablo Reguerin, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success/ Director, Educational Opportunity Programs (Tre Weston)

Shannel Joseph ,Interim EOP Athletics & Recreation Access Programs coordinator (Will Crain)

Rebecca DuBois, Professor BioMolecular Engineering (Eric Siegel)

Brij Lunine , Lecturer in Writing (Andrew Jones)

Embele Awipi, Interim Sports Information Director/Game Management Coordinator (Vinay Naranayam)

Julianne Hazlewood, Environmental Studies professor (Ben Dorfman)

Sarah Michals, Lecturer in Writing (Haakon Ullrich)

Dr. Susanna Honig, Teacher in Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (MCD) Department (Joshua Green)

Dr. Caitlin Binder, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Lecturer (Tyler Klingenbeck)


Collin Pregliasco, Associate Athletics Director (Sam Gabbard)

Gehrig Kniffen, OPERS Staff (Jared Ponce)

Benjamin Wallsten, Teacher's Assistant/Student Mentor (Corey Cilia)

Cynthia Moncada, Teacher's Assistant/Student Mentor (Corey Cilia)

Neno Bartocci, Assistant Athletic Trainer (Adam Marlow)

Donnie Dixon, UCSC Dining Services/TA for Gospel Choir (Dylan Holler)

Deavid Feldheim, Professor of MCD Biology (Jeremy McGirr)

Avi Tchamni, Lecturer Music (Matthew Nerland)

Paul Koch, Dean of Physical & Biological Sciences (Ben Dorfman)

Raphael Carpio, Assistant Athletics Trainer (Andrew Jones)

Clara Weygandt, Physical & Biological Sciences Faculty (Kyle Creighton)

Rebecca DuBois, Biomelecular Engineering Faculty (Tre Weston)

Primrose Pisares, Head Athletics Trainer (Will Crain)

Marcus Wirth, Assistant Athleics Director of Event Management (Marcus Muccular)


January 22, 2015

Eva Bertram (Associate Professor Social Sciences DIvision) presented by James Townsend, MBKB

Raphael Carpio (Assistant Athletic Trainer) presented by Jared Ponce, MBKB

Eleni Christoforou (RA) presented by Ilan Zur, MBKB

Yvette Cruz (RA and Tutor) presented by Tyler Berkness, MBKB

Donnie Dixon (Principle Food Service Supervisor) presented by Dylan Holler,MBKB

Homayun Etemadi (Oakes College Academic Advisor) presented by Marshal Arwine Jr, MBKB

Caroline Matteson (Disability Van Driver) presented by Sam Gabbard, MBKB

Randen Morisako (Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer) presented by Matthew Ponce, MBKB

Ellen Newberry (Lecturer Writing Program) presented by Andrew Jones, MBKB

Neil Schaefer (Faculty Social Science Division) presented by Corey Cilia, MBKB

Clara Weygandt (College 8 Core Course Instructor) presented by Kyle Creighton, MBKB

Marcus Wirth (OPERS Event Coordinator) presented by Adam Marlow, MBKB


January 11, 2014

Maria ALvarez (College 8 Resident Assistant) presented by Colizel Lewis, MBKB

Josh Cline (Coordinator for Residential Education) presented by Dylan Holler, MBKB

Linda Clauss (Intramural Sports Coordinator) presented by Jermey McGirr, MBKB

Derek Dean (College 8 Resident Assistant) presented by Hayden Bishop, MBKB

Rebecca DuBois (Assistant Professor, Biomolecular Engineering) presented by Matthew Ponce, MBKB

Julianne Eastman (Resdient Assistant) presented by Ilan Zur, MBKB

Homayun Etemadi (Oakes College Academic Advisor) presented by James Townsend, MBKB

Robin King (Lecturer Writing Oakes Writing Coordinator) presented by Marshal Arnwine, MBKB

Kim Musch (Intern Athletic Director and Swim Coach) presented by Nyan Pratha, MBKB

Ellen Newberry (Lecturer Merrill College Writing Coordinator) presented by Tyler Ponce, MBKB

Geraldine-Ysabel Nicdao (College 8 Residential Assistant) presented by Jared Ponce, MBKB

Eva Ramirez (College 8 Facilities) presented by Andreas Peritos, MBKB

Ricardo Sainz (Resident Assistant) presented by Carlos Medina, MBKB

Danielle Techner (Assistant Athletic Trainer) presented by Spencer Wells, MBKB

Dr. Clara Weygandt (Faculty Physical & Biological Sciences) presented by Tyler Berkness, MBKB


February 13, 2013

David Anthony (Professor of History) presented by Jewell Long, MBKB

Homayun Etemadi (Advisor at Oaks) presented by Marshal Arnwine, MBKB

Jimmy Fazzino (Professor of Writing) presented by Dylan Holler, MBKB

Robin King (Lecturer of Writing) presented by Marshal Arnwine, MBKB

Todd Hammonds (OPERS Facility Center Supervisor/PE Instructor) presented by Eric Charles, MBKB

Regina Longo (Lecturer of Film & Digital Media) presented by Jared Ponce, MBKB

Megan McNamara (TA for Sociology) presented by Marshal Arnwine, MBKB

Richard Mitchell (Professor of Math) presented by Spencer Wells, MBKB

Rachel Neuman (OPERS Facilities and Operations Manager) presented by Ryan Swanson, MBKB

Primrose Pisares (Head Athletic Trainer) presented by James Townsend, MBKB

Julie Roth (Asst. AD/SID) presented by James Hidalago, MBKB

Jessica Samuels ( Professor of Writing) presented by Carlos Medina, MBKB

Charlie Sayles (Graduate Athletic Trainer) presented by Trent Reeves, MBKB

Stephen Sweat (Professor of Writing) presented by Jeremy McGirr, MBKB

Danielle Techner (Assistant Athletic Trainer) presented by Tyler Ponce, MBKB

Mary Zavanelli (Professor of Biology) presented by Austin Steadman, MBKB


October 12, 2012

Jeremy Lee (Lecturer, SOE, MCD Biology) presented by Jaime Weber, WVB


March 4, 2011

Forrest Robinson (Professor of American Studies) presented by Laura Nixon, WVB/WBKB


February 26, 2011

Gene Switkes (Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry) presented by Clay Sorenson, MSOC


February 25, 2011

Andrea Steiner (Associate Professor of Community Studies) presented by Gretta Brandt, WSOC

Kent Eaton (Professor of Politics) presented by Janneke Lang, WSOC