Policies for Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

UC Santa Cruz Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

The University of California, Santa Cruz is committed to preventing and responding to sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and gender discrimination. As part of a campus wide effort to prevent and address sexual violence and sexual harassment, all university students and employees are required to complete training to prevent sexual violence/sexual harassment. Athletics staff and NCAA athletes are required to complete yearly training.

The UCSC Title IX Office responds to reports of sexual harassment, including sexual violence, as part of its efforts to stop the harassment and prevent the recurrence of possible sex discrimination. For more information about the Title IX Office and your rights, visit titleix.ucsc.edu.  

You can Report a possible Title IX incident using this online reporting link

You can also contact the UCSC Title IX Officer with questions or for a consultation.

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The confidential Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education Office (CARE) supports survivors of sexual violence, responding to the needs of students, staff, faculty and non-affiliates impacted by stalking, dating/domestic violence and sexual assault by providing free and confidential advocacy and support.

The office of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) provides UCSC students with a wide rage of mental health and wellness services. We also provide preventative outreach and consultation services to the UCSC community. Counseling services are available for any registered UCSC student and are confidential.

Respondent Support Services provides comprehensive support and assistance to student respondents alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct (sexual assault, sexual violence, dating/violence, stalking or sexual harassment).

Please read the UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment for more information.