Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee is a coalition of representatives from each of the intercollegiate athletic teams at UC Santa Cruz. Our mission is to promote athletics, increase awareness for athletic competitions, and improve student-athlete relations. We also organize and facilitate community outreach throughout the Santa Cruz community.  


Article I. Name

The UCSC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization of student-athlete representatives from each of the Varsity sport teams at UC Santa Cruz.

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of the SAAC is to provide a bridge between the student-athletes and the UCSC Community; undertake projects which will benefit student-athletes and the community; to be a student-athlete voice to the athletic administration; and to represent UCSC student-athletes and what they stand for.

Article III. Membership

A. The membership of the SAAC will be composed of two official voting representatives from each UCSC Men's and Women's varsity sport. The representatives will act as liaisons between the SAAC and each of the varsity sports.

B. Additional Members from varsity teams may be present at the meetings, but will not receive a vote.

C. In the event that a representative terminates his/her participation on a varsity team, the representative may continue to attend meetings and relay information to the exteammates, but must relinquish his/her official status as a SAAC representative immediately and delegate that responsibility to a current teammate.

Article IV. Attendance

A. It is the duty of each representative to attend all monthly meetings throughout their term of participation in the SAAC.

B. If a representative cannot attend meetings regularly, the responsibility will be delegated to another teammate. 

Article V. Organizational Structure

A. Two elected Co-Presidents will preside over the meetings and be the spokespersons for the SAAC.

B. Sub-Committees will be constructed at the discretion of the Co-Presidents. The following duties should be incorporated into a committee in some way:

   1.Community Service- Organize all community service projects for the SAAC.

   2. Athlete Services- Organize projects to aid fellow student-athletes.

   3. Campus Relations/Correspondence-Stimulate interaction with the greater UCSC Community. Communicate the SAAC's goals to the UCSC community, keep student-athletes informed about the SAAC's activities and make sure all SAAC's representatives know about all meetings and important events.

C. The Committees must be formed at or before the first meeting of each academic year.

D. Each of the SAAC representatives must serve on at least one committee. 

Article VI Elections

A .Two Co-Presidents will be elected in the spring of the academic year before which they will preside.

B. One Female and one Male will be preside as Co-Presidents. The two will be decided in separate votes. 

Article VII Officers

A. Two Co-Presidents

B. Secretary

C. Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs

Article VIII. Meetings

A. Meetings will take place monthly in a central location agreed upon by the board.

B. The first meeting of each semester should occur no later than the third week of classes.

C. It is the officers' duty to make sure that all representatives are informed about the meetings well in advance. 

Article IX. Amendment Procedures

A .These articles may be amended by a two thirds vote of the total membership.

B. An amendment must be proposed in writing at least one meeting before it is voted on.

Article X Non-Discrimination Statement

We will not discriminate upon age, sex, race, or religion.

A. Candidates can be nominated by the representatives of the SAAC in the month prior to the election. Late nominations on the day of the elections are allowed.

B. To be eligible a candidate must:

   1. Be present on campus and a member of his/her respective team for the entire year of the term.