Slug Booster Club

The Slug Booster Club provides parents, alumni, relatives, business associates and boosters of UC Santa Cruz Athletics the opportunity to show their support for UCSC's intercollegiate programs. Slug Booster Club members are entitled to a variety of exclusive benefits, including access to UCSC home athletic competitions and apparel.
UC Santa Cruz is proud to offer a unique experience to our student-athletes as we are dedicated to the highest level of success in both academics and athletics.  We currently have over 50 Academic All-Americans, 240 All-Americans, and 11 National Championships.  These consistent contributions have helped support our student-athletes as they strive to succeed in both their sport and academics. 
Please join the UCSC Athletics Department in recognizing the excellence of UCSC Athletics by becoming a member of the Slug Booster Club! For further information, please call (831) 459-4962.


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